If you’re a CEO or in-house PR executive, contact me if you need help:

  • Developing or executing a CEO reputation or thought leadership program
  • Deciding if you need a CEO reputation program
  • Want (or think you need) to speak out about an issue, but are having trouble assessing the risk or convincing others it’s the right thing to do
  • Finishing a speech that you’re supposed to deliver next week
  • Need extra muscle to help manage through an issue 
  • Want professional executive support without the optics of calling in an army

If you’re a board member, contact me if you want to talk about:

  • Corporate reputation risk, including how the sources of reputation risk are changing, and how to respond to activist shareholders, customer or employee boycotts
  • Communicating C-Suite changes (voluntary or not) so the new leader is set up for success
  • How to assess the risk-reward equation of CEO activism and issues engagement for your company.
  • Whether your company’s communication and reputation plan has a blind spot.

I also give great presentations to boards and comms teams about risk and opportunity.