I started my career as a business reporter. I’ve written about the ups and downs of the stock market, individual companies, mergers, the power and natural gas business and corporate governance for Dow Jones, Bloomberg and the Globe and Mail. I also wrote a contributed column for the National Post’s Executive section on executive profiling.

Here are a few of those pieces that live on the Information Superhighway.

Think you’re a thought leader? You’re probably wrong, but here are 3 ways to become one
Individuals occupying corporate Canada’s top tier seem to be risk averse when it comes to being bold and passionate, but genuine thought leadership — not the misinterpreted kind — can pay significant, long-term dividends over the course of a career.

Should women brand themselves as ‘executive women’ or just as executives?
Many women jump at opportunities to share the challenges of climbing the corporate ladder as a woman, but doing so could be a slippery slope

3 ways CEOs could — and should — improve the Internet search results for their names
CEOs don’t have to resign themselves to the fact their names will generate less-than-flattering search results … but they usually do

3 ways to prevent the skeletons in your closet from ruining your career
A number of recent incidents have brought to light how quickly a business leader’s career can be derailed by controversy. But there are ways to mitigate the impact of past transgressions without necessarily hiding them.

Here’s what incoming CEOs should and shouldn’t say in their first 100 days
Taking the helm of a corporation brings with it intense scrutiny from internal and external audiences. Here are three key principles to get new leaders through that heavy first quarter.

4 ways executives can better navigate the public sphere and improve their personal brands
With the lines between business leaders’ public and private lines becoming increasingly blurred, executives will want to take heed to this advice.

Outside talent richly rewarded by Canadian firms

Enron, Powerex Investigated For Alberta Price Fixing

And here, for posterity, is the profile on Andrew Coyne I wrote for the Ryerson Review of Journalism. It was written before stuff like this was online, but it seems the RRJ asked some student to retype it when they built a website. Try to not cringe at the typing skills of today’s youth.